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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

'It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are.'

Tonight’s Sunday bedtime regret that is likely to keep me awake for a few more hours is … leaving things left unsaid and also eating dessert.


itsthom asked me to list fifteen things that make me happy, which I think is a much better idea than napping all Sunday afternoon.

1. The moment when the house lights dim before a performance begins.
2. Unexpectedly running into a good friend.
3. Reading the last pages of an enjoyable book.
4. Petrichor.
5. Dancing without caring what everyone else around me thinks.
6. Arriving in a new and foreign place.
7. Sitting beside a fireplace when it’s raining outside.
8. Receiving mail.
9. People liking my selfies.
10. Book shopping.
11. Meeting new people and feeling like you’ve known them for years/catching up with distant friends and feeling like no time has passed.
12. Gossiping.
13. Seeing those who deserve to succeed do so.
14. Being tipsy enough to flirt without fear.
15. Waking up only to realise you don’t have to get up yet.

I’m going to tag fringecuts, oppreciate and shadydeeds.

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organic-douche replied to your photo:Irrelevant to my interests.

Your pjs are sick mate

Thank you. I do take pride in my selection of pjs.

winnr replied to your photo:Irrelevant to my interests.

oooh nice

Oh, you mean the book? Yes, it’s very interesting and was a bargain at $6. You should definitely invest.

Irrelevant to my interests.

Irrelevant to my interests.

As it has been said:
Love and a cough
cannot be concealed.
Even a small cough.
Even a small love.

Went to the orthodontist today and it looks like a solid two years of oral/maxillofacial surgery and dental work will begin early next year. I told the orthodontist I want to review the timing so that I can travel but what I really meant is that I want to give people a six month deadline to kiss me.


[Because desire won’t shrug off…] by Hannah Sanghee Park


Because desire won’t shrug off,
and the heart begins to eat its stores
its substance—slowly, at first, and
                        (but nothing’s left to lose so it is downed)

            We have a thing here called hunger
A feeling and an ache, want of want.

You could try it sometime if you like.

Sun drinks down its own day.
Dusk takes us to task.
Hath drunk so deep

You could be forgiven for not knowing.
You could be forgiven for a lot of things.

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